About Us

Since 1978, Kulin Kumar Holidays has been specializing in Escorted Group Tours, Free Individual Travel and Domestic Group Holidays. Our tours have escorted thousands of travelers across the globe for more than 37 years to various destinations including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Africa, South America, Japan, China and the rest of Asia. Our expertise lies in creating exemplary travel stories for our clients. We realize that Jain/Vegetarian food may not be freely available uniformly all over the world and hence this is where our experience lies. We ensure you travel worry-free over the world relishing the best of food along with plenty of sightseeing staying at handpicked hotels along with the best of services.

Our Vision

We visualize a world that brings people from all walks of life, nationality, and culture closer to every individual. The world we live in is a diversely beautiful place with countless natural as well as human-made wonders which when explored inspire awe and add to the meaning of life. We simply wish to open up this world of amazement to every person.

Our Achievements

Our Achievements
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA) Agent in 1988
  • Singapore Airlines Top 8 Partners Award in 2018
  • Awarded in the Global Top incentive Awards Program by the Japan National Tourism in 2018
  • European Specialist Certificate Holder since 2010
  • Association with all major international tourism boards since 2014

Corporate Tour History
  • It started with Trade fair operations in 1978 with the first tour to Germany especially for 120 passengers from Metal Market.
  • In 1980 we conducted a tour for 135 passengers for “Photokina 1980” for the Imaging fare in Dusseldorf Germany.
  • In 2014 organized tour for 700 passengers to New Zealand for “Anchor” Group.
  • In 2016 organized a complete program for 300 passengers for the JITO seminar in San Francisco, USA.
  • In 2018 organized tour for 200 passengers to Europe for Sanchor Group.

Our Approch

Our wish to offer people a chance to explore the magnificence of the world drives us to plan for and cater to our clients with the very best in everything. With client satisfaction at the core of our beliefs, we strive to create everlasting memories for everybody by taking care of every aspect of not only the travel but the complete experience.